November 12, 2023

AI Ethics Center Saudi Arabia Unveils at UNESCO Conference

Saudi Arabia Unveils AI Ethics Center at UNESCO Conference

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During the 42nd session of UNESCO’s General Conference in Paris, Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr Bin Farhan, proudly announced the creation of the International Center of Artificial Intelligence Research and Ethics (AI Ethics Center) in Riyadh. This AI Ethics Center is set to be a beacon for advancing skills and creating legislative frameworks in artificial intelligence.

In his significant address, Prince Badr vehemently denounced the “unjustifiable” attacks on civilians and infrastructure in Gaza. He extended his condemnation to the persistent assaults on educational, medical, and cultural sites, declaring these actions as violations of international standards and laws. His stance, aligning with UNESCO’s founding principles, calls for a global understanding to prevent crimes, genocides, racism, and wars.

Moreover, Prince Badr, who also chairs the Saudi National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, emphasized the Kingdom’s significant achievements under UNESCO in the past two years. He acknowledged the key role of education, culture, and science sectors in supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which has received substantial backing from the country’s leadership.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable development goals, in line with global efforts to enhance education, culture, and science, was also highlighted. Prince Badr pointed out Saudi Arabia’s dynamic participation in UNESCO’s executive councils and the initiation of six innovative projects via the Cultural Development Fund, significantly affecting global cultural heritage.

The minister applauded the robust partnership between Saudi Arabia and UNESCO, leading to the addition of 42 new world heritage sites during the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee. He also shed light on Saudi Arabia’s efforts in the cultural domain, including collaboration on the Islamic World Cultural Index Project with ICESCO, and commended the Kingdom’s strides in digital competitiveness. Saudi Arabia has achieved notable progress, securing a top position in the 2023 international government strategy indicator for AI and ranking second at the G20 level.

In conclusion, Prince Badr expressed gratitude towards UNESCO and its member states for their dedication to promoting world peace, enhancing intercultural dialogue, and initiating various development, cultural, and scientific projects to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Source: Arab News

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