June 3, 2024

“Al-Sarim” encompasses many tales… It’s not just one story


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Can the new breathe life into the old? Or can we truly abandon the legacy of our ancestors? These are the important questions posed by the novel “Al-Sarim” by author Ahmed Al-Samari, published by Athar Publishing and Distribution.

The novel begins with the fundamental idea of evoking the suffering of these ancestors and the arduous pains they endured. It is the long journey societies take toward civilization, or the inspiration drawn from heritage to fuel new construction. The author chose a temporal reference for his novel that oscillates between the fifth and sixth decades of the last century, narrating the arduous, open-ended, and multifaceted journey of the protagonists of this narrative.

Is it truly just one story?

From the outset of the novel, the author gives us hints about the content of his narrative: that every story leads to a larger story, and every circle leads us to a bigger circle until we return to the foundation or the largest circle, the origin from which everything began… the ancestors and what they left behind.

The quote placed at the beginning of the book by Christopher Sholes: “A story begins, a story ends, the days go by, and nothing lasts” signifies this idea… “nothing lasts”; all the stories within the novel begin and end like human life in general, but every story leads to a larger meaning, one that encompasses all of humanity.

To return to the language of the ancestors

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