May 27, 2024

Al-Sheikha Rawan .. Beyond the Barbed Wire

Al-Sheikha Rawan

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The novel “Al-Sheikha Rawan” by the Saudi novelist Hezam bin Rashed was published by Nova Plus for Publishing . The narrative spans 255 pages, unfolding in various locations ranging from Riyadh to Jeddah, with a brief yet profound journey through time, delving into the historical impact between the Syrian and Turkish borders.

The events revolve around a Saudi girl named “Rawan” who loses both her father and mother. She decides to escape from the authority of her three non-brother siblings (Fayez, Nasser, Ahmed), especially after her love story with Khaled is ruined by the tribe. She joins the university dormitory to continue her education, only to discover that she has escaped from familial and tribal constraints to extremist Daesh (ISIS) restrictions that exploit her body and fear through social media, particularly Twitter, the most widely used application in the Gulf. Rawan becomes entangled and falls victim to Khadija (her college roommate) and Diaa (her husband).

The Prey and the Hunter

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