May 9, 2024

Saudi Criticism Laboratory commences its operations with an analysis of the works of Prince Badr bin AbdulMohsin.


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Saudi Criticism Laboratory launches its activities by presenting a new critical analysis of the works of the late Prince Badr bin AbdulMohsin, paving the way to explore the cultural legacy he enriched within the artistic community and Saudi literary landscape, after dedicating approximately five decades to poetry composition.

At the beginning of the current May, The Literature, Publishing & Translation Commission launched the ”Saudi Criticism Laboratory” to support critical discourse and facilitate access for researchers and enthusiasts of literature and the arts to curated critical content prepared by prominent critics.

The establishment of the ”Saudi Criticism Laboratory” is part of the authority’s commitment to supporting the critical discourse and enhancing the Saudi cultural landscape, which is experiencing an unprecedented period of dynamism and vitality fueled by development and promotion efforts aligned with the vision of ”Saudi Arabia 2030” across various sectors, including the cultural sector.

The laboratory functions as a specialized reference platform in criticism, adhering to high professional standards, and aims to establish and develop robust Saudi critical practices characterized by professionalism. It supports the academic field, enriches the cultural landscape, and empowers Saudi intellectuals both locally and globally.

The laboratory undertakes the role of providing an incubator for critical discourse, overseeing its development, renewal, and sustainability. It aims to achieve competitive and influential distinction for all forms and arts of Saudi creative output, while also establishing the scientific and philosophical foundation for critical activities and coordinating Saudi critical efforts under its umbrella. Furthermore, it activates criticism across various artistic, aesthetic, literary, and cultural genres through a system that serves Saudi creativity in all its forms.

The new reading of the legacy of Prince Badr bin AbdulMohsin offers a serious critical analysis, aiming to enrich the Saudi and Arab critical landscape through the experience of Badr. It sheds light on the aesthetic values that contributed to its continuity as a consistent poetic phenomenon for nearly 50 years, uncovering the artistic tools that enabled his experience to persist and flourish throughout this time. These tools are examined by critics using their artistic, temporal, and spatial analytical instruments to elucidate the sources of uniqueness in Prince Badr’s poetic experience.

The Literature, Publishing & Translation Commission revealed that the work will be produced in the form of critical papers and multiple articles on the poetic experience of Prince Badr, to be compiled in the first phase into a book, presented to the cultural community. Additionally, the texts will be available on the laboratory’s dedicated electronic platform.

The Commission outlined the subscription process for undertaking this critical reading of the works of the late prince in two stages. The first stage involves inviting all those interested in criticism to participate through the platform, while the second stage focuses on soliciting important figures to contribute to enriching and developing this initiative.

Source: Al-Sharq Al-Aawsat

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