December 13, 2023

Arab Thought Foundation Stresses Vital Role of Research Centers

Research Centers' Crucial Role Emphasized by Arab Thought Foundation Director

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The seminar held at the Jeddah Book Fair delved into the crucial components of producing credible reports from research centers. Arab Thought Foundation underscored the significance of providing accurate information that would be beneficial for decision-makers in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Henry Al-Oyait, the Director of the Arab Thought Foundation, elucidated key sources that research centers should rely on, which encompass government reports, polls, international studies, and public data. He underscored the importance of cross-referencing data from diverse sources to validate the content of reports.

Dr. Al-Oyait highlighted the essential criteria that contribute to the credibility of research centers, including having a proficient team, maintaining independence, adhering to rigorous scientific methods, and ensuring unbiased, objective thinking.

Advocating for collaboration, he urged Arab research centers to establish partnerships with their Western counterparts, emphasizing the integration of Arab and Western perspectives. Dr. Al-Oyait drew attention to inaccuracies present in reports within the Arab world, emphasizing their tendency to represent limited geographical regions or individual countries.

The discussion placed a significant emphasis on the pivotal role that research centers play in furnishing decision-makers with reliable, unbiased information. It stressed the stringent application of scientific methodologies and the necessity of maintaining objectivity, free from biases and ideologies. Dr. Al-Oyait, while endorsing collaborations with Western centers, emphasized the crucial role of diverse perspectives in fostering a comprehensive and accurate understanding of various topics within the Arab world.

Source: Okaz

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