May 28, 2024

Arabookvers signed agreement with Saudi Novelist Hezam bin Rashed to Publish His Novels as Audiobooks and ebook Formats Globally

the agreement of Arabookvers and Saudi Novelist Hezam bin Rashed

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Arabookverse, a company specializing in the global producing publishing and distribution audiobooks and ebooks, has signed a agreemnt with Saudi novelist Hezam bin Rashed, whose name consistently ranks among the bestsellers at Arab bookfairs and bookstores. The contract will enable the publication and distribution of his novels in both audio and digital formats worldwide.

“Today, global ebook and audiobook publishing allows Saudi and Arab books to reach approximately 400 million Arabs worldwide. This facilitates the international dissemination of Arab creativity. At Arabookverse, we believe that intellectual creativity should transcend borders to enrich the libraries of all Arabic speakers worldwide with the latest local and regional releases,” stated Ahmed Rewihel, co-founder and Cheif Business Officer at Arabookverse. Rewihel added, “The novels of Saudi novelist Hezam bin Rashed are among the top-selling Saudi books regionally. They are characterized by their authenticity and local Saudi and Arab flavor, which allows them to easily reach all Arab audiences both regionally and globally through our digital publishing and distribution technologies. We are delighted with this promising partnership to globally promote Saudi literature.”

Novelist Hezam bin Rashed stated, “I believe that the world is constantly evolving in all fields, and we must keep pace with these changes even in the world of books and all modern forms of publishing. Many readers from the Arab world and those interested in Arabic literature in America and Europe communicate with me, so I am happy and welcoming of the negotiations with a renowned and prominent company in the world of intelligent distribution like Arabookverse, which specializes in the global publishing and distribution of audiobooks and e-books across nearly 300 Arab and international platforms. I thank them for choosing my name and appreciating my work. Believe me, Arab literature deserves this international exposure so that it can be read by Arab immigrants and foreigners who understand the beauty and inspiring of the Arabic language, especially Saudi literature, which has always been present before and today through us as young writers who carry the concerns, dreams, and ambitions of our society.”

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