Abdo Khal

Abdo Khal

Abdo Khal, a Saudi novelist, was born on August 3, 1962, in the village of Al-Majna in the Jazan region (Southern Saudi Arabia).

He attended elementary school at “Ibn Rushd” School in Riyadh, where he spent part of his childhood. Later, he pursued middle school at “Ibn Qudamah” School. After four years, he returned to Jeddah and completed middle school at “Al-Bahr Al-Ahmar” School. He graduated from high school at “Quraish” School and obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science from King Abdul-Aziz University.

Journalistic Works:

Abdo Khal began his career in journalism in 1982, contributing to the editing of the “Al-Rawi” magazine issued by the Jeddah Literary Club, focusing on narrative in the Arabian Peninsula.

He participated in editing the magazine “Al-Nass Al-Jadeed,” dedicated to modern literature for Saudi Arabian writers.

He had a weekly column on the last page of the “Akhbar” newspaper (Fields), then specialized in writing a daily social article in the same newspaper (Ashwaq).

Some of his articles have been published in local and Arab magazines, including “Al-Arabi” in Kuwait, “Akhbar Al-Adab” in Egypt, “Al-Hayat” newspaper, “Al-Hadath” magazine in Kuwait, “Nizwa” magazine in Oman, “Al-Hadathah” in Beirut, “Kalimat” magazine in Bahrain, “Ibdaa” magazine in Egypt, and Bahrain Cultural.


Abdo Khal has received numerous shields, medals, and certificates from clubs and cultural associations in which he participated.

He was honored by the Culture and Arts Association in Dammam, where studies about his novelistic experience were presented.

He achieved a milestone by winning the International Arabic Booker Prize in its 2010 edition for his novel “Throwing Sparks“. Subsequently, he received honors at various literary conferences and cultural supplements in Kuwait, Algeria, the United States, Syria, Bahrain, and Qatar.

He was honored by the Abdul Maksoud Khogja Bicentenary on the occasion of winning the Booker Prize. Additionally, he was recognized by the Al-Ittihad Club in Jeddah for his Booker win and was granted permanent membership in the club in appreciation.

His novel “The Pain of the Abyss” won the award for the best novel at the 2013 book fair.

Notable Works:

  • Short story collection: “Dialogue at the Gate of the Earth.”
  • Short story collection: “No One.”
  • Short story collection: “There is Nothing Joyful Here.”
  • Short story collection for children: “Ink Tales.”
  • Novel: “Death Passes From Here.”
  • Novel: “Cities Eating Grass.”
  • Short story collection: “Who Sings in This Night.”
  • Novel: “Days Don’t Keep Secrets.”
  • Short story collection: “Rogues Laugh.”
  • Novel: “The Mud.”
  • Novel: “Barking.”
  • Novel: “Fusuq.”
  • Novel: “Throwing Sparks.”
  • Novel: “The Pain of the Abyss.”
  • Flash Fiction: “Dazzling Astonishment.”
  • Short story collection: “She Said Praise – Hijazi Myths.”
  • Short story collection: “She Said Strange – Tihami Myths.”
  • Novel: “Night Coincidence.”
  • Novel: “Selves.”
  • Novel: “The Tank: Songs for Abandoned Nests.”
  • Novel: “Water’s Bonds.”

As for translated stories, he has “Rashid Al-Haidari and the Papers,” “What Qamari Said,” and “The Grave,” in addition to a children’s story collection inspired by “Ink Tales.”

Some parts of his novel “Cities Eating Grass” have been translated into English and French. In 2010, his novel “Throwing Sparks” won the International Booker Prize in its Arabic edition released in 2008. The novel was selected from 115 works by novelists from several Arab countries and translated into various foreign languages.

Abdo Khal presented several story collections and participated in Arab and local festivals. For example, he held storytelling sessions at the Culture and Arts Association in Taif, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Riyadh, and Al-Baha.

He also presented storytelling sessions at various locations, including the Cultural Café at the Cairo International Book Fair, the Union of Yemeni Writers in Sanaa and Aden, Kuwait, Paris, and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany, as well as in the United Arab Emirates.

He participated in Arab festivals such as the Fourth Poetry and Story Festival for Gulf countries in Muscat, the Qalb Al-Qarin Cultural Festival in Kuwait, the Cairo Book Fair, the Third Saudi Writers Conference in Riyadh, and the Emerging Democracies Conference in Yemen. Additionally, he took part in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Kuwaiti magazine “Al-Arabi.”

Books Written by Abdo Khal