Abdullah Al-Mutairi

Abdullah Al-Mutairi

Dr. Abdullah bin Muhsin Al-Mutairi is a distinguished academic specializing in the philosophical foundations of education. As an Associate Professor at King Saud University, he has significantly contributed to philosophy and education. His academic journey is marked by a rich educational background and diverse experiences in the teaching and research domain.

Abdullah Al-Mutairi obtained his Ph.D. in the Philosophical Foundations of Education in the United States in 2016, following his Master’s degree in Philosophy in 2014. Prior to his studies in America, he earned a Master’s degree in the Foundations of Education from King Saud University in 2008 and a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the same university in 1999.

He started as a teacher and then became a teaching assistant, lecturer, and assistant professor at King Saud University.

These positions allowed Al-Mutairi to engage deeply with the theoretical and practical aspects of education.

Al-Mutairi serves as the President of the Saudi Philosophy Association and coordinates the Riyadh Philosophical Circle. His involvement in these positions reflects his commitment to advancing philosophical discourse in education and beyond.

Al-Mutairi is also an active participant in conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses in Saudi Arabia and internationally. He’s a member of the American Educational Philosophers Association and the American Philosophical Association, reflecting his global philosophical involvement.

His scholarly contributions include numerous scientific research papers, books, and publications. Among his notable works are “Philosophy of Alterity,” “The Beautiful Risk in Education,” “Ethics of Educational Hospitality and its Role in Promoting National Unity,” and others. His recent book, “Philosophy of Alterity: The Other from Sartre to Levinas and the Joy of Hospitality,” was shortlisted for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the Development and State Building category for the 2021-2022 cycle, demonstrating his influence and recognition in the field.

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