Abdullah Al-Sufyani

Abdullah Al-Sufyani

Abdullah bin Refoud Al-Sufyani is a prominent Saudi academic, thinker, and member of the Saudi Shura Council since his royal appointment on December 2, 2016 (3 Rabi’ al-awwal, 1438 AH). Born in 1395 AH in Taif, Al-Sufyani is the founder and head of the literary project and publishing house, Adab.

Educational Background:

Al-Sufyani attained his Ph.D. in Islamic Education and Comparative Education in 1432 AH with his study titled “Controls of Educational Criticism through the Book of Fatwas by Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and its Applications in Educational Research”. This work was awarded distinction with first-class honors and recommended for publication and distribution. He pursued this degree at the Islamic University, Department of Islamic Education, College of Dawah and Usool-ud-Deen.

For his master’s degree in Islamic and Comparative Education, he delved into “The Education of Will in Islamic Thought”, graduating with distinction and honors in 1426 AH from Umm Al-Qura University, College of Education, Department of Islamic and Comparative Education. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric, Criticism, and Educational Preparation in 1419 AH from Umm Al-Qura University, College of Arabic Language, Department of Rhetoric and Criticism, graduating with distinction and first-class honors.

Professional Career:

Member of the Saudi Shura Council since 3/3/1438 AH.

Has been a teacher and administrator in public education since 1419 AH.

Recipient of the Ministry of Education’s Excellence Award.

General Manager of the Global Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature (Adab).

Collaborated with the King Abdullah International Center for Arabic Language on numerous programs.

Vice Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education at Majmaah University.

General Supervisor of the University Agency for Educational Affairs at Majmaah University.

Member of the team for constructing professional guides at the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Education Bureau.

Former media consultant for various institutions and ministries.

Member of the Saudi Scientific Society for Education and Psychology.

Member of the Saudi Scientific Society for Literature.

Member of the Virtual Arabic Language Complex.

Consultant for the Jeddah Literary Club’s “Rafy” Digital Text Preservation Project.

Supervisor of the translation project between Adab and King Abdulaziz’s Global Cultural Center “Ithra”.

Judge for numerous creative competitions in the Arab world.

Conferences and Seminars:

Participated in the Educational Technologies Conference in 1433 AH.

Contributed to the Youth Linguistic Dictionary Conference by the Ministry of Higher Education at the King Abdullah International Center for Arabic Language.

Participated in the Arabic Language and Linguistic Security Conference at Prince Naif University for Security Sciences.

Attended the Religiosity in the Arab World Conference for Social Science Researchers in Morocco, Rabat, in 1436 AH.

Participated in the Fifth Conference of Saudi Writers under the patronage of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Contributed to the Education and Future Prospects Conference at Al Baha University in 2019.

Member of the Emerging Universities Conference – Practices and Experiences at Majmaah University.

Participated in the Hisbah in the Ambit of Umm Al-Qura University Conference in 2018.

Contributed to the Fifteenth Text Conference at the Jeddah Literary Club in 2018.

Publications and Research:


“Veil of Vision: A Study on the Hidden Factors Influencing Jurisprudential Discourse”.

“Preaching Discourse: A Critical Study of the Methods and Contents of Preaching”.

“Clay Walls: Educating the Will in Islamic Thought”.

“Controls in Criticism: A Study in Ibn Taymiyyah’s Critical Thought”.

Poetic collections “And I Die, Mother, with Words in My Chest” (2013), and “There’s No Longer Enough Life for Their Cruelty” (2018).


“State of Religiosity in Saudi Arabia: Relationship Circles and Paths of Transformation”.

“Hisbah: A Critical Perspective” (Working Paper).

“Young Poets in the New Millennium: Aspirations and Obstacles”.

“Digital Citizenship: An Original Perspective” (Peer-reviewed paper presented at the Education and Future Prospects Conference).

“Literature in a Digital Horizon” (Working Paper).

“Self-Presentation on Social Networks” (Published Working Paper).

Books Written by Abdullah Al-Sufyani