Abdullah Al-Taezi

Abdullah Altaezi

Abdullah Al-Taezi is a Saudi writer, author, and novelist born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 1964. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Department of Communications and Electronics at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 1987, and another Bachelor’s degree from the same university in the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Department of Administrative Sciences, in 1994.

Abdullah Al-Tuazi works at Saudi Aramco, a Saudi national company operating in the fields of oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals. He has also served as the Director of the Culture and Arts Association in Jeddah. Al-Tuazi has authored several works ranging from short stories to novels, exploring diverse topics inspired by society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Al-Taezi has released several works, including the short story collection “Master of birds,” in 1998 by Dar Al-Jadeed, his debut novel “The Excavations Breathe,” which is considered one of his most renowned novels published by Dar Al-Saqi in 2002. He also published the short story collection “Color of Darkness” in 2009, and the short story collection “Night Creatures” released by Arab Diffusion Company FZE in 2014. His novel “Freedom of Closed Doors” was published by Dar-Athar in Dammam in 2016, and the novel “Dry Bodies” was released as a collection by  Dar-Rewayat in 2017.

Saudi writer Abdullah Al-Taezi was awarded the Literary Creativity Prize by Mecca Club Literary and Cultural in its third edition in 2016. The theme of the prize was “Short Story,” focusing on his trilogy of short story collections: (“Master of birds”, “Color of Darkness”, and “Night Creatures”) The board of directors of Mecca Club Literary and Cultural praised his works for their high artistic language, content containing social and historical symbols, and a narrative style proficient in its artistic tools.

In his statements to the press, Saudi writer Abdullah Al-Taezi discusses his shift towards novels after short stories, stating:

“The constant search for beauty by humans sets the appropriate framework for what one wants to convey to oneself as a reader first, and then to one’s work before presenting it to the real or virtual world. This framework may take the form of a short story, a novel, a painting, a sculptural piece, a musical composition, or a poem. In our current era, with life’s complexities, the narrative framework is suitable for conveying these aesthetics or visions that the writer feels as they write them.”


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