Abdullah bin Bakheet

Abdullah bin Bakheet, born in 1952, is a distinguished Saudi journalist and novelist, deeply influential in Arab literature and media. Raised in Riyadh, he pursued higher education at King Saud University, graduating in 1978.

Transitioning into journalism, Bakheet made significant contributions to notable Saudi publications. Starting at Al Yamamah magazine, he later wrote for Al Riyadh and Al Jazirah newspapers. By 2011, he became a regular columnist for Al Riyadh, known for his insightful and liberal perspectives on contentious issues.

However, his outspokenness led to scrutiny by the Saudi morality police in 2005, facing charges of spreading corruption and immorality.

Beyond journalism, Bakheet ventured into literary and critical works, notably his novel “Street of Affections,” longlisted for the 2010 Arabic Booker Prize.

From central Riyadh to a seasoned journalist, Bakheet’s journey has shaped Saudi literary and journalistic landscapes.

In addition to his journalism, Bakheet held significant positions, including Public Relations Manager at the Literary Club in Riyadh.

His literary works, including “Street of Affections” and “The Noble Coffin,” have significantly contributed to Arab literature.

Abdullah bin Bakheet is not merely a writer but a cultural icon in Saudi Arabia, addressing complex societal issues through his columns and novels. His profound understanding of Saudi society makes him a pivotal figure in the contemporary Arab world.

Books Written by Abdullah bin Bakheet