Abdullah Nasser

Abdullah Nasser

Abdullah Nasser, a prominent Saudi short story writer. He has carved a distinct niche in the Arab literary landscape with his two remarkable collections: “The Art of Letting Go” published in 2016 and “Stuck on a Sunday” in 2019, both under the banner of Dar Al-Tanweer. In an era where popular culture often overshadows serious art, Nasser has quietly yet firmly established his presence.

His works stand out for transcending basic literary conventions, striking a rare balance between elite artistic qualities and popular appeal. This unique juxtaposition challenges the conventional notions of mainstream readership. Suggesting that an Arab audience eagerly anticipates art that resonates with their experiences. Much like Nasser’s narratives that delicately weave their way into the reader’s psyche.

Nasser’s narrative style is marked by an understated approach to storytelling. He shuns overt external descriptions and straightforward ideas, typical in most stories, for a nuanced analysis of characters, their inner conflicts, and interactions with their environments. Accordingly, this approach reflects a literary world in a state of flux. It impacted by socio-economic and political pressures both locally and globally, shaping the way texts are distributed, read, and built upon.

In his storytelling, Nasser shows a profound dedication to the short story form. His narrative economy is evident: every sentence serves a purpose, interlocking with others to create richly layered yet concise texts. He explores the human condition in its various manifestations, steering clear of overtly descriptive realism to delve into universal human emotions and experiences.

Furthermore, Abdullah Nasser’s works transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, challenging the reader to reconsider the essence of nationality in literary works. Additionally, his stories, devoid of any explicit cultural markers, belong to a global literary tradition while it deeply rooted in the nuances of human experience.

Obviously, this approach marks a significant departure from traditional storytelling, aligning with the likes of international literary figures who have transcended their cultural confines.


Abdullah Nasser’s contributions to Arabic literature, particularly in the short story genre, are profound and impactful. His works are a testament to the power of understated, nuanced storytelling that engages with universal themes, resonating with a wide spectrum of readers.

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