Ahmad Abu Dahman

Ahmad Abu Dahman

Ahmad Abu Dahman, an esteemed Saudi Arabian writer and raconteur, has made significant contributions to both journalism and literature. Hailing from Al-Khalf village in Sarat Abidah, Asir region in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Abu Dahman’s roots are deeply entrenched in the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. Currently residing in Paris, he has carved out a notable career that spans continents and cultures. In 2000, he authored “The Belt” in French, a language he mastered and loved, and the novel was subsequently published by the renowned French publisher Gallimard. This marked him as the first Arabian Peninsula writer to author a book in French, gaining substantial success in France.

“The Belt” has been translated into eight languages, including Arabic, which Abu Dahman personally translated to ensure the essence of his work was faithfully conveyed in his native language. The novel, a semi-autobiographical piece, delves into the author’s memories and experiences growing up in a village in southern Saudi Arabia.

Apart from his literary endeavors, Ahmad Abu Dahman is an influential figure in journalism. He writes a weekly column titled “Kalam Al-Layl” for the Saudi newspaper Al Riyadh and serves as the director of the Paris office of Al Yamamah Press Establishment. Additionally, he is the CEO of Al Hizam Consulting, a media consultancy firm based in Riyadh.

“The Belt” stands as a testament to Abu Dahman’s ability to bridge the cultural divide, blending his Saudi heritage with his literary pursuits in the French language. His work, as both a journalist and novelist, reflects a deep understanding of Arab culture and the challenges of modernity. His role as a cultural ambassador through writings to the global understanding of Saudi Arabian life and literature.

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