Ahmad Al-Arfaj

Ahmad Al-Arfaj

Born on May 25, 1967, in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ahmad Al-Arfaj is a renowned satirical writer and academic. His educational journey took him through various cities in Saudi Arabia. His academic journey included primary school in Medina, middle school in Jeddah, and high school in Unaizah and Dammam. Al-Arfaj furthered his education by earning a bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language from the Islamic University in 1990 (1410 AH). He obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham, focusing on analyzing articles about American bombings and examining authors’ positions, orientations, and objectives.

Journalistic Experience:

Al-Arfaj’s career in journalism is marked by diverse experiences across various platforms:

He worked at Al-Yamamah magazine for three years as a collaborating journalist from 1994 (1414 AH) to 1997 (1417 AH).

He wrote a monthly column titled “Al-Kalam Al-Sa’im” (The Fasting Speech) for 13 years in “Al-Majalla Al-Arabia” from 1995 (1415 AH) to 2008 (1428 AH).

Authored a weekly column named “Al-Hibr Al-Asfar” (The Yellow Ink) in the “Al-Arbua’ Al-Usbu’i” (The Weekly Wednesday) supplement in Al-Madina newspaper from 1999 (1419 AH) to the present.

He contributed a daily column in Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper for two years from 2002 (1423 AH) to 2004 (1425 AH) under the title “Ta’amun min Dhari’” (Food from Thorns).

Wrote a column five times a week in the Al-Madina newspaper from 2004 (1425 AH) to the present.

Penned a monthly column for a year in “Fawasil” magazine under the title “Dalu Ma’ wa Dalu Teen” (A Bucket of Water and a Bucket of Clay).

Authored a weekly column in Al-Nadwa newspaper for a year and a half from 1997 (1417 AH) under the title “Adha’at” (Illuminations).

Has been writing a weekly column in “Sayidati” magazine since the beginning of 2011. Continues to contribute a weekly column in Al-Nadi newspaper since its inception.

Al-Arfaj’s body of work is characterized by its satirical tone, often addressing social issues with wit and humor. His diverse and extensive journalistic contributions reflect his deep engagement with Saudi Arabian society and culture.

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