Ahmed Al-Taihani

Ahmed Al-Taihani

Ahmed Al-Taihani, a notable Saudi poet and critic, was born in 1970 in Abha. His major literary contributions and regular Al-Watan features have made him a key figure in Saudi literature. His acclaimed works, such as the poetry collection “Amaryq” and the book “Poetry in Asir 1351 – 1430 AH,” earned him the esteemed King Abdulaziz Book Award in 2019.

Al-Taihani’s academic path is marked by noteworthy achievements. He obtained his PhD in Literature and Criticism from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in 2015. His educational pursuit began with a master’s in Ancient Arabic Literature from the same institution in 2003.

In academia, Ahmed Al-Taihani has had an impactful career. He currently teaches in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at King Khalid University. His role at the university goes beyond teaching, having served as the Head of the Arabic Department. Additionally, his involvement in the Abha Literary Club’s Board for three terms highlights his dedication to literature and academia.

Al-Taihani’s literary output demonstrates his skill as both a poet and scholar. His notable publications include poetry collections “Amaryq” (2000), “Faa’ilatun” (2006), “Labat Ghassan” (2010), and scholarly works “Shea and the Evolution of Literary Arts in the Asir Region: A Historical Record” (2015) and “Poetry in Asir 1351 – 1430 AH” (2016).

His literary and media contributions have garnered multiple awards, including First Place at the Abha Literary Club’s First Poetry Meeting in 1998 and Best Media Performance at the Al-Muftaha Awards in 2003.

Through his blend of academic and literary endeavors, Al-Taihani continues to significantly influence Saudi Arabia’s cultural and literary spheres. His dedication to Arabic literature, especially in Asir, solidifies his renown in Arabic poetry and criticism.

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