Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Naeim

Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Naeim

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, a renowned figure in medicine, boasts a career spanning decades, including international contributions. His medical journey started at Cairo University, with a Bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery, forming the foundation for ongoing specialization.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Al-Naeim pursued further expertise in Family Medicine and Community Health, obtaining a Master’s degree from the prestigious King Khalid Hospital under the aegis of King Saud University in Riyadh. A Doctorate in Dermatology from the University of Bonn in Germany marked a significant academic achievement.

Dr. Al-Naeim’s pursuit of medical excellence didn’t stop there.

Specialized in Family Medicine for eight years and later served two decades as a Dermatology and Allergies consultant.

His advanced dermatology degree reflects dedication to addressing critical healthcare aspects, affecting a diverse demographic.

In his career, Dr. Al-Naeim spent eight years in Family Medicine at Prince Sultan Military Medical City. He played a significant part in improving community health standards and contributing to the well-being of the population.

served 20 years as a Dermatology and Allergies consultant, showcasing deep expertise in treating diverse skin conditions. His contributions in this field have been invaluable in advancing patient care and expanding medical knowledge in dermatology.

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Naeim’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to medical excellence and patient care.

His extensive academic and hands-on experience in family medicine and dermatology defines him as both an expert and a dedicated physician committed to enhancing patient lives. His journey uniquely combines academic prowess and practical expertise, making substantial contributions to the fields of family medicine and dermatology.

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