Ahmed El-Morsi

Ahmed El-Morsi

Ahmed El-Morsi is an Egyptian writer, novelist, and journalist born in 1992. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media from Cairo University, specializing in Radio and Television. With a diverse background, he has worked in various journalistic institutions in Egypt and the Arab world. El-Morsi served as a program producer at Dream TV channel, an editor at Rotana network, and a contributor to Al-Watan newspaper.

He has authored three novels: “What Remains of the Sun” in 2020, which secured the second place in the Sawiris Cultural Award’s “Young Writers” category. His second novel, “Written,” was published in 2021. The third literary work, “Gambling in Honor of Lady Mitzie” made it to the shortlist of the 2024 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, known as the “Arabic Booker.

“What Remains of the Sun” revolves around the concept of immortality and humanity’s perpetual quest for self-perpetuation. El-Morsi, who began his career in photography, uses it as a stage for his novel, exploring the human desire for immortality through capturing moments. The novel raises questions about whether immortality is merely a illusion pursued by people.

El-Morsi expressed his surprise at winning the Sawiris Cultural Award, stating that the recognition and appreciation of his work on both critical and creative levels were significant for any writer. Awards, according to him, provide a form of acknowledgment that his writings possess a distinctive quality worthy of attention.

In his second novel, “Written,” El-Morsi delves into Sufi philosophy, exploring themes of love and revenge. The story follows a young man on a pilgrimage to Mecca seeking revenge for his brother’s murderer, who happens to be traveling in the same caravan. The novel touches on the inevitability of fate, the precedence of divine knowledge, and the complexities of human choice.

His third novel, “Gambling in Honor of Lady Mitzie,” unfolds in the world of horse racing in the 1920s. The narrative revolves around four main characters brought together by a common bet, despite their diverse goals and cultural backgrounds. The novel delves into class struggles and unattainable dreams for its protagonists, offering a gripping plot to unravel the fate of the characters.

El-Morsi mentioned that the journey of writing “Gambling in Honor of Lady Mitzie” took more than three years, beginning in challenging circumstances during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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