Ali Al-Amir

Ali Al-Amir, born in 1964, is a Saudi poet and writer with a distinct imprint on the literary scene. He was born in the village of Al-Minjara in the Ahad Al-Masarihah Governorate in Jazan and completed his university education at the College of Arabic Language at Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca.

He began his career as an Arabic language teacher, navigating through various educational stages, and even received training in theatrical direction. Later on, he returned to contribute to the educational sector in his home governorate of Jazan and even in the Republic of Yemen.

Al-Amir gained his reputation from a diverse range of publications and poetic works. His works have been translated into various languages and have been published in a range of Arabic newspapers and magazines.

Critics consider him one of the prominent voices in Saudi literature. He has won several awards, including the first-place prize in a competition organized by the General Sports Authority for the short story, as well as an award from the Jazan Literary Club at the national level.

Among his works are “One Compass is Not Enough,” “Rest Your Steed,” and “The Chains of the Lands,” in addition to two novels and travel literature under the title “Sanaa.”

Books Written by Ali Al-Amir