Amal Al-Faran

Amal Al-Faran

Amal Nasser Al-Faran, a Saudi storyteller, novelist, and screenwriter, was born in December 1972. She spent 20 years teaching at different levels in Saudi Arabia. Transitioning into writing, Al-Faran made her mark in renowned Saudi newspapers like “Al-Jazirah” and “Al-Sharq.” She explored various themes, including culture, women’s issues, and literature. Her portfolio boasts three novels, two collections of short stories, and many individual stories. Notably, she received nominations for the 2004 Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity for “Her Tattooed Soul” and the 2019 Sheikh Zayed Book Award for “Divers of Al-Ahqaf.”

Career and Achievements

Post-teaching, Al-Faran obtained a Bachelor’s in Arabic Language Education from the Women’s College of Education in Wadi Al-Dawasir. Her expertise shines in her cultural columns for “Al-Jazirah” and articles on women’s issues in “Al-Sharq.” She also published short stories in newspapers, on her website, and online forums like “Shazaya Adabiya” and “Jasad Al-Thaqafa.”

Her literary debut was “Alone in the House,” a collection of short stories, followed by the novel “Her Tattooed Soul.” She also wrote “Creatures of Ecstasy,” “Divers of Al-Ahqaf,” and “The Girl Who No Longer Grows in the Photo Album.” Al-Faran is known for her skillful character development, particularly in “Creatures of Ecstasy,” where she effectively uses kinship terms.

Al-Faran aspires to create a work linked to “Divers of Al-Ahqaf.” She remains engaged in storytelling evenings and cultural discussions. A highlight was her presentation on “Divers of Al-Ahqaf” at the Electronic Book Symposium, attended by notable figures like Sheikhah Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan.

Her novels “Her Tattooed Soul” and “Creatures of Ecstasy” have garnered significant attention. “Divers of Al-Ahqaf,” drawing from her desert experiences, and her latest release, “Hujra (Chamber)” in 2021, showcase her diverse storytelling. Her collections and stories, such as “Week of Salem” and “Pink Dust,” have been widely published.

In screenwriting, her notable work is “Al-Zahiriya: Dunes of Fragrance,” from 2022. She achieved second place in the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity for “Her Tattooed Soul” and was a finalist for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for “Divers of Al-Ahqaf.”

Books Written by Amal Al-Faran