Amal Alharithi

Amal Alharithi

Amal Alharithi is a Jordanian writer and author who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Jordan. She worked as a teacher at Al-Shwaifat Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite her scientific background, her love for the Arabic language led her to teach Arabic to foreigners at a prestigious institute in Dubai, gradually leading her to start writing and editing.

Amal Alharithi’s writing is characterized by her founding role and editing at “The Arab Women’s Forum,” the first literary website for women. It focuses on literature and poetry, and empowering women by encouraging them to read, write, and create while instilling concepts of coexistence and tolerance in society.

She is also a writer for various Arabic newspapers and websites, including “Ta’addudiya” (affiliated with the Adyan Foundation for Religious Coexistence), the Emirati newspaper “Al-Ro’ya,” “Hadith Al-Sharq” in Jordan, “Newzwik Middle East” magazine, and was previously a blogger for Al Jazeera and The Huffington Post. Her texts have been published in several literary magazines, including the Arab Magazine.

Amal Alharithi published the book “Women’s Stories” in 2017, which includes real stories that depict the struggles of Arab women in societies plagued by ignorance and marginalization. Her second novel, “From the Bottom of the Well,” was released in 2023.

Empowering Arab Women Through Literature: Amal Alharithi ‘s Vision and Impact

Speaking about her first release, “Women’s Stories,” Amal Alharithi said in a press statement: “During my three years as an editor at the Arab Women’s Forum, I received messages from readers containing different stories expressing the lived reality in various Arab countries. I thought about rewriting the messages in simplified Standard Arabic while preserving the essence of the original message and publishing them in a book accessible to everyone. This was my desire to shed light on the painful reality and attempt to convey life experiences to others for their benefit. I presented my book to Hamaleel Publishing House, which adopted it, turning the dream into reality.”

Amal Alharithi seeks to share her experiences in influencing and writing to uplift Arab society intellectually and culturally, motivating women to work and reject misconceptions, and spreading the ideas of love, coexistence, and tolerance in society.

She managed to attract Arab readers by presenting Arabic stories written in Standard Arabic carrying many messages, most notably coexistence, peace, raising children with love and tolerance, rejecting customs that diminish women and their status, encouraging women to work, and spreading the idea of love.

Books Written by Amal Alharithi