Amr Muneer Dahab

Amr Muneer Dahab is a Sudanese-born writer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and has been practicing it for more than twenty-five years. Amr Muneer Dahab is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States.

He began his literary journey as a poet before shifting his focus primarily to essay writing as an opinion columnist for Sudanese newspapers. He has published over forty books on literary criticism, poetry, social studies with a major emphasis on national character, among many other subjects.

Dahab is renowned for his critical essays that address controversial cultural, literary, intellectual, and political issues both in the Arab world and globally. His extensive experience as a columnist in opinion journalism, combined with his academic background in engineering and practical experience, enables him to craft words that skillfully depict reality with honesty, objectivity, and creativity. His works and seminars have garnered attention from many Arab newspapers. His lectures have received significant media coverage, and he has appeared on numerous radio and television channels to discuss his work and experiences as an essayist and author.

Amr Muneer Dahab writes in both Arabic and English and translates his works between Arabic and English. Some of Dahab’s book titles include: “We the Actors: Everything but the Truth” (2024), “Football Genes” (2023), “Fame Logarithms” (2022), “Egyptian Genes” (2021), “A Collection of a Resigned Poet” (2020), “Feelings and Ideas I Do Not Own” (2018), “Memories of Easygoing Students” (2016), “On the Margins of the Sudanese Character” (2015), “Some of My Improprieties” (2015), “Tales of a Poor Expatriate” (2014), “Wisdom Highway” (2011), “The Sudanese Character in the Eyes of the Sudanese Elite” (2010), and “Sudanese Genes” (2010).

Books Written by Amr Muneer Dahab