Ashraf El-Ashmawi

Ashraf El-Ashmawi

Ashraf El-Ashmawi, an eminent Egyptian author and jurist, stands out for his dual expertise in law and literature. His background in law, particularly as a judge at the Egyptian Court of Appeals, profoundly influences his writing. Ashraf El-Ashmawi’s legal roles, including his time in the public prosecutor’s office, have deeply informed his literary creations.

Ashraf El-Ashmawi: Bridging Law and Literature in Egyptian Storytelling

El-Ashmawi’s foray into writing has yielded ten compelling novels. These works, ranging from political dramas to explorations of Egyptian society’s nuances, showcase his narrative dexterity. Among his acclaimed novels are “Time of the Hyenas” (2010) and “Toya” (2012), the latter earning a spot on the Arabic Booker Prize longlist and being translated into Italian and Japanese. “The Guide” (2013), another of his creations, won a readers’ poll on Goodreads for best novel. “The Barman” (2014), celebrated by the General Egyptian Book Organization as the Best Arabic Novel, found audiences in French, Serbian, and English translations.

In 2015, “Shepherd Dogs” brought El-Ashmawi the Best Historical Novel award at the Bahrain Cultural Forum. His later works, such as “A Single Ticket to Cairo” (2016), “Lady of Zamalek” (2018), and “The Copt’s House” (2019), continued to gain critical acclaim and translations. “Orfanelli Hall” (2021) and “The Secret Society of Citizens” (2022) further cemented his literary reputation, with the latter being longlisted for the Katara Prize in 2023. His most recent publication, “Maximum Speed Zero,” debuted in 2022.

El-Ashmawi’s novels are not only literary successes but also ripe for dramatic adaptations in film and television. His non-fiction work, notably “Legitimate Thefts” on the theft and smuggling of Egyptian antiquities, translated into German, showcases his versatility. Ashraf El-Ashmawi’s unique combination of legal and narrative expertise positions him as a pivotal figure in contemporary Egyptian literature.

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