Atef Abu Saif

Atef Abu Saif

Atef Abu Saif, Born in 1973, a renowned Palestinian writer from Jabalia refugee camp, weaves displacement into his work. Educated at Birzeit University, he draws inspiration from his grandmother Aisha’s Yaffa tales. While aspiring to write her story, he hasn’t done so.

Abu Saif’s literary career encompasses notable novels, with “A Suspended Life” (2014) being shortlisted for the 2015 Arabic Booker Prize. His works, including “Shadows in the Memory” (1997) and “Running in Place” (2019), showcase his unique perspective on Palestine. He edited “The Book of Gaza,” published in 2014, featuring his story.

As a political scientist with a Master’s from the University of Bradford, Abu Saif explores European integration. His doctoral research in Florence delves into Palestinian politics, emphasizing the EU’s impact. Active in public service, he became the Minister for Culture in 2019, blending politics with his literary portrayal of Palestine.

Atef Abu Saif is writing, marked by vivid depictions and political insights, stands out. His book “The Drone Eats with Me” chronicles life during conflict, and “Running in Place” made history as the first Gaza novel translated into Hebrew and published in Israel. Atef Abu Saif’s life and work uniquely capture the Palestinian experience, offering a nuanced view of life in a conflict-ridden region.

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