Awaad Al-Aseemi

Awaad Al-Aseemi is a celebrated Saudi author and novelist, with a rich background in poetry. His literary journey began in 1986, marking the start of an illustrious career in narrative writing. Al-Aseemi first made his mark with his debut short story collection “Once Upon a Time” in 1997, showcasing his talent for crafting compelling narratives. Over the years, he has penned a series of notable novels, including acclaimed works like “Hunting” and “The Plundered.”

In addition to his literary pursuits, Awaad Al-Aseemi actively involved in the cultural scene, notably as a former member of the board of directors of the Makkah Cultural Literary Club in 2006. His commitment to literature and the arts reflects his dedication to enriching the cultural fabric of Saudi Arabia.

Awaad Al-Aseemi’s bibliography is as diverse as it is profound. His works range from the story collection “Once Upon a Time” (1997) to the novel “Or.. At a Desert’s Throw.. Behind” (2002), published by Dar Al-Shorouk. His 2003 novel “More Than a Picture and Matchsticks” came out under Dar Sharqiyat, followed by “Hunting” in 2005, released by Dar Al Jadid. In 2007, he published another story collection, “No Trace,” demonstrating his versatility across different forms of narrative. “One Good Idea Suitable for the Ground Floor,” a collection of stories published by Sindbad Publishing and Media in Cairo in 2010, further established his reputation. His novel “The Plundered,” released in 2009 by the Hail Literary Club and Dar Al Intishar Al Arabi, garnered critical acclaim. “Birds of Dusk” (2011), published by Dar Athar, and “Companion to the House” (2016), released by the Arab Distribution Institution, are other notable works in his repertoire. His latest work, “Fire of Leptadenia,” was published in 2021 by Dar Madarek, adding to his esteemed collection of literary contributions.

Awaad Al-Aseemi’s writings are a testament to his deep understanding of the human condition, his mastery of narrative form, and his unwavering dedication to exploring the complexities of life through literature.

Books Written by Awaad Al-Aseemi