Ayman Al-Atoum

Dr. Ayman Ali Hussein Al-Atoum, born on March 2, 1972, in Jerash – Suf, is a Jordanian national currently residing in Amman. He is married and boasts a rich educational and cultural background. He earned his Ph.D. in Arabic Language from the University of Jordan with an excellent grade in 2007, in addition to a Master’s degree in Arabic Language and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He has worked as an Arabic language teacher in several schools and academies, including Amman Academy and Al-Radwan School. He founded the Literary Club at the Jordan University of Science and Technology and the Literature Committee at Yarmouk University. He is the author of several poetry collections, such as “My Heart is Yours, My Love” and “Prophecies of the Hungry,” as well as novels like “O My Prison Companion” and “The Taste of Death.” He is also a successful playwright. Active in cultural and literary life, he is a member of the Jordan Engineers Association and the Engineers’ Literary Association. His works are characterized by their diversity and depth, making him one of the important literary voices in Jordan.

Books Written by Ayman Al-Atoum