Bader Al Samari

Bader Al Samari

Born in 1974 in Dhahran, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bader Al Samari is a distinguished Saudi screenwriter, novelist, and writer. His career in literature and film is marked by significant contributions, including two novels, two books, and a notable involvement in the screenplay of the 2019 film “Born a King,” a project he worked on with screenwriter Henry Fitzherbert.

Al Samari’s Literary and Cinematic Journey Unveiled in Captivating Chapters.

Al Samari embarked on his literary journey in 2011, unveiling ‘Ibn Tariq’ as his inaugural novel. Subsequently, ‘What Came From the Narrators’ Mouths’ followed in 2012. The year 2013 witnessed the release of ‘Narrators’ Speeches,’ a meticulously curated collection of words and speeches from narrative writers, personally translated by Al Samari. His literary endeavors continued with the publication of ‘Iritiab’ (Doubt) in 2014, earning acclaim as the bestselling novel at the Riyadh Book Fair.

Transitioning beyond the written word, Al Samari delved into cinema, notably contributing to ‘Born a King’ as a screenplay consultant. The film captures the historical visit of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz to Britain in 1919 when he was just 13. Inspired by a historical book about King Faisal, the film was a four-year production endeavor, culminating in its 2019 release.

Bader Al Samari multifaceted contributions extend beyond literature and cinema, reflecting his deep engagement with narrative arts and a dedication to exploring significant historical and cultural themes. His notable works include novels such as ‘Tarraq’s Son’ (2011) and ‘Doubt’ (2014), along with books like ‘What Came From the Narrators’ Mouths’ (2012) and ‘Narrators’ Speeches’ (2013). His impactful screenplay for ‘Born A King’ further solidifies his versatile storytelling talent. Al Samari’s legacy in Saudi literature and film exemplifies his profound influence and dedication to portraying historical events in a captivating manner.

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