Badriah Albeshr

Badriah Albeshr

Saudi novelist Badriah Albeshr significantly impacts the literary world with her short stories and novels. Her journey as a writer commenced in 1992 with the publication of her first short story collection titled “End of the Game.” She continued to enrich the Arabic literary scene with additional collections, releasing “Wednesday Evening” in 1996 and “Cardamom” in 1999.

Badriah Albeshr repertoire extends beyond short stories to include notable works such as “Hind and the Soldiers” (2005), and “Battles of Tash Ma Tash” (2007). The latter delves into the controversies surrounding the famous satirical Saudi comedy series “Tash Ma Tash.” Her novel “Women’s Puck” was released in 2010, adding to her acclaimed body of work.

Her academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from King Saud University in Riyadh, leading to a career in social services. Later, she returned to King Saud University for her Master’s in Arts, balancing her academic pursuits with a burgeoning career in journalism. Al-Beshr began in journalism with a weekly column, progressing to a daily column in the Al Riyadh newspaper. In 2005, she achieved another academic milestone by earning a Ph.D. in Sociology from the Lebanese University in Beirut. During this period, she also contributed to the Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper. She became a columnist for Al Hayat newspaper in 2008 and continues to hold that position to this day.

Al-Beshr’s influence extends beyond the written word; she actively participates in cultural forums and short story seminars across the Arab world. Involved in events at venues like the Sharjah Girls Club and literary clubs in Riyadh, Medina, and Muscat. Expertise led to a 2005 U.S. visit to discuss American media in an International Visitor Leadership Program.

Badiyah Al-Bashr, a significant voice in the Arab literary and cultural landscape, engages in cultural dialogues.

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