Bahaa Taher

Bahaa Taher is an influential Egyptian novelist and winner of the inaugural International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008 for his work “Sunset Oasis.” A University of Cairo graduate, he began his career at Egypt’s Radio 2 culture channel and published his first short story in 1964. Active in the left-wing and avant-garde literary scenes of the 1960s, he faced professional setbacks in the 1970s under Anwar Sadat’s regime. Choosing exile, he moved to Geneva in 1981 to work as a UN translator. After years in Switzerland, he returned to Egypt and remains an active cultural figure. Notably, he earned Egypt’s highest literary honor, the State’s Award of Merit in Literature, in 1998 and the Italian Guiseppe Acerbi prize in 2000 for his acclaimed novel “My Aunt Safiya and the Monastery.”

Books Written by Bahaa Taher