Bothayna El Essa

Bothayna El Essa

Bothayna El Essa, a celebrated Kuwaiti novelist born in 1982, has profoundly influenced contemporary Arabic literature. Her literary journey has firmly established her as a crucial voice in this realm.

El Essa is an active member of the Kuwaiti Writers Association and the Arab Internet Writers Union. She first garnered acclaim with the State Encouragement Award for her 2005 novel “Saear,” showcasing her narrative brilliance and creative flair. Furthermore, her prowess shone brightly as she clinched first place in the Youth and Sports Authority competition’s short story section in 2003, and subsequently secured third place in the Sheikha Basimah Al-Sabah competition. In 2006, El Essa also earned a respectable third place in the Al-Sada magazine competition for creatives.

El Essa owns a publishing house, and a bookstore, and contributes to a creative writing platform. As a staunch opponent of censorship, she persistently advocates for creative liberty and freedom of expression in Kuwait.

El Essa’s literary works are varied and impactful, encompassing titles such as “Struck… No Sound Was Heard,” “Saear,” “Bride of the Rain,” “Under Mothers’ Feet,” “Qais, Layla and the Wolf”, “Aisha Descends to the Underworld”, and “Everything.” These works vividly portray human experiences and cultural nuances.

El Essa won the 2005/2006 State Encouragement Award for ‘Saear’ and placed third in the Sheikha Basimah Al-Sabah competition. In 2021, Bothayna El Essa was honored with the Sharjah Award for Gulf Women’s Creativity in the novel category, further cementing her status in the literary field.

El Essa’s career exemplifies success, creativity, and profound influence. Her celebrated works in Arab literature capture the essence of human experiences through engaging themes and styles.

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