Dima Wannous

Dima Wannous

Dima Wannous, born in Damascus, Syria, in 1982, is an accomplished Syrian writer and translator. Educated in French literature at Damascus University and the Sorbonne, she also studied translation. Wannous left her mark in literature and media, with roles in print, radio, and television.

Wannous’s literary journey began with the publication of her short story collection “Tafasil” (Details) in 2007, which garnered critical acclaim. Her collection explores Syrian society, depicting characters navigating life under the shadow of power. Her debut novel, “Kursi” (The Chair), was published in 2008, further establishing her as a significant voice in contemporary Arabic literature. Recognized in Beirut 39.

Navigating Literary Heights and Media Horizons in the Arab World

Her 2017 novel “Kha’ifoun” (The Frightened Ones) has received widespread recognition and was shortlisted for the 2018 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. The novel intricately portrays a young woman’s life in Damascus during the civil war. “The Frightened Ones” has been translated into several languages, including English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, and Norwegian, broadening its reach to a global audience.

Critics have lauded Wannous’s narrative style as sober and often painfully precise, capturing the complexities of the human experience with depth and clarity. Wannous is the daughter of renowned Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannous. Married to Syrian journalist Ibrahim Hamidi, and currently resides in London.

In addition to her novels, Wannous has contributed to Arab journalism, writing articles in both cultural and political spheres for newspapers such as “Al-Safir” and “Al-Akhbar” in Beirut. Her work in translation has spanned several years, particularly in news translation. She has also been actively involved in cultural programming, currently working as a presenter for the cultural program “City Lights” on the private channel “Al-Mashreq.”

Dima Wannous’s journey in the literary and media fields reflects her multifaceted talents and her commitment to exploring and portraying the cultural and socio-political landscapes of the Arab world.

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