Fahd Al-Atiq

Fahd Al-Atiq, born in 1960 in Riyadh, is a prominent Saudi short story writer and novelist known for his literary contributions in story, novel, and critical writing. His nine published books in storytelling and novel writing have established him as a significant figure in the Arab literary world. Fahd Al-Atiq has written and published numerous cultural articles and critical reviews in Arabic and international novels in Arab cultural newspapers and magazines. In 1993, some of his stories were translated into English and French through the Lotus magazine. His stories, particularly “Small Submissiveness” and “Small Nails,” have been recognized by Arab writers and critics as mature narrative experiments at the Arab level. The American University in Cairo translated his novel “Postponed Being” into English in 2012, published under the title “Life on Hold.”

Fahd Al-Atiq’s stories and novels are primarily set against the backdrop of old and modern Riyadh neighborhoods, portraying the city’s transformations over the past century. His works, especially “Small Submissiveness,” “Small Nails,” and “Postponed Being,” vividly capture the essence of these places, earning critical acclaim in the Arab world since their publication in the early 1990s, starting with his well-known collection “Small Submissiveness.” Published in Cairo in 1992, his literary works continued with the story collection “Very Small Nails,” published by Jeddah Literary Club and Selections Chapters in Cairo in 2000, followed by the novel “Postponed Being” in 2004. This novel, published by the Arab Institute for Studies in Beirut, marked his first foray into novels and received significant critical attention in Arab newspapers, magazines, and websites. “The Ignorant King Retires,” another novel by Al-Atiq, reached the longlist of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2016. His latest short story book, “A Lost Night Like Lost Lands,” was published in 2018 by Rawafid Publishing in Cairo.

His literary texts have been featured in newspapers and magazines such as Al-Hayat, Riyadh, Al-Yawm, Al-Yamamah, Al-Faisal, Akhbar Al-Adab, Ibdāʻ, Al-Karmel, Al-Jadeed, Arab Story Website, Anthology of Arab Narrative, Saudi Story Club, Al-Ketaba Cultural Website, and others.

His notable publications include “Postponed Being” (2004), “She Said This” (2007), “The Ignorant King Retires” (2014), “Gravity’s Ambush” (2007), “A Lost Night Like Lost Lands” (2018), “Small Submissiveness” (1990), “Small and Soft Nails” (2000), and “Spaces for Rain” (1985).

Books Written by Fahd Al-Atiq