Fatima Abdulhamid

Fatima Abdulhamid

Born in 1982 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Fatima Abdulhamid is a notable Saudi author who significantly influenced contemporary Arabic literature. Initially pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she shifted from education to becoming a psychological therapist. Her literary journey began with the publication of her short story collection “Ka Tairat Waraqiya” (Like a Paper Plane) in 2010. This was followed by her foray into novel writing, with three significant works to her credit: “Ha’ et Al-Fidda” (The Silver Edge) in 2013, “ة Al-Niswah” in 2016, and her latest, “Al-Afq Al-A’la” (The Highest Horizon) in 2022.

Before her novels, Abdulhamid’s first publication, the short story collection “Like a Paper Plane,” marked her literary debut. She describes the short story as a towering tree, next to which everything else seems diminutive. While excelling in novel writing, she persists in crafting short stories for diverse publications, newspapers, and social media platforms. She hints at possibly compiling her recent stories into a collection soon.

Abdulhamid candidly discusses the challenges writers face, including the periods when writing seems arduous or unsatisfying. Coping involves crafting scenes inspired by daily events. She treats it like exercise, maintaining her writing fitness, akin to walking for health. Her preference is daytime writing, drawing inspiration from sunlight, and reserving nights for mental rigor in editing and revisions.

Abdulhamid, a psychological therapist, seeks mental peace, aiming to guide others to contentment and tranquility. She believes in the innate human inclination towards peace, emphasizing the importance of looking back at one’s past without regret, understanding its reasons, and moving beyond past pains. She views inner contentment as the essence of spiritual beauty and a leap towards believing in humanity and human nature.

Fatima Abdulhamid actively researches extraordinary individuals, infusing familiarity into her historical project. Her reflective style ensures valuable time contributes to well-explored ideas. She is meticulously gathering sources and insights for this endeavor, underscoring her methodical and patient approach to writing. Her reflective and unhurried style mirrors her nature, ensuring research time contributes to well-polished, thoroughly explored ideas.

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