Fawaz Al-Laboon


Fawaz Al-Laboon, also known by his pen name “Qudmoos,” an Arabic term signifying greatness, antiquity, and the lion, is a prominent Saudi poet, critic, academic, and social influencer. He’s a highly interactive classical Arabic poet on Twitter, widely accepted across diverse demographics in Arab countries.

Born in Riyadh in 1975 (1395 Hijri), Fawaz’s early education took place in his hometown. In 1998 (1418 Hijri), he graduated from the College of Arabic Language at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. In 1998 (1419 Hijri), he started as a teaching assistant in the Department of Literature, became a lecturer in 2002 (1422 Hijri), and progressed to an assistant professor in 2005 (1426 Hijri). He later became an associate professor in 2017 (1438 Hijri) and was promoted to full professor in 2021 (1442 Hijri).

He earned his Master’s degree with a thesis titled “Poetry of Abdullah Sharaf: A Thematic and Artistic Study” in 2002 (1422 Hijri). He obtained his Ph.D. from the same department with a dissertation on “Contemporary Saudi Women’s Poetry: A Study in Vision and Structure” in 2005 (1426 Hijri). From February 2014 (21/2/1435 Hijri) to October 2017 (22/10/1438 Hijri), he led as the Head of the Department of Literature.

Fawaz Al-Laboon has made significant contributions to Arabic literature and criticism through various works:

“Fait al-Amthal”: A satirical literary approach.

“Contemporary Saudi Women’s Poetry: A Study in Vision and Structure.”


“Adabir Naqdiyya: Studies in Ancient Literature.”

“Ashtat Naqdiyya: Studies in Modern Literature.”

“Improvisation in Al-Mutanabbi’s Poetry.”

“Al-Muntakhab min Asma al-Arab” (Selected Names of the Arabs).

“Tahawwim al-Sa’ah al-Wahida”: A poetry collection published in 2015.

Poetry collection “Mazajaha Zanjabil” (Her Mood is Ginger).

Poetry collection “Baa’duha min Nabdh” (Some of it from the Pulse).

Poetry collection “Qudamoos.”

Books Written by Fawaz Al-Laboon