Hamed bin Aqeel

Hamed bin Aqeel

Hamed bin Abdulhadi bin Aqeel, a Saudi poet, critic, and novelist, was born in Bani Saad, south of Taif, on July 21, 1974. He currently holds a significant position in the Supervisory Education Department in Jeddah’s education sector.

His professional journey is marked by diversity and richness. Initially, he served as a high school teacher for three years before becoming the head of the Arabic Department at Jeddah’s Educational Development Department for two years. He also participated in the Gulf Unified Curriculum project under the Arab Bureau of Education for Gulf States. In addition, Aqeel chaired various educational committees and led a team training members in the field of educational assessments in Yanbu.

Aqeel began publishing in the Saudi newspaper Al-Yawm in 1993, followed by contributions to Okaz newspaper, leading to his works appearing in various Arab newspapers, periodicals, and magazines. In 2007, he transitioned to electronic publishing through the newspaper Elaph, after writing a weekly column for the Shams newspaper. In 2005, he launched an Arabic literature magazine titled “Jihat” from Cairo, in collaboration with the Egyptian poet Ahmed Mahjoub. This magazine published the fourth poetry collection “Mawqif al-Rimal Mawqif al-Janass” (The Sands’ Stance, The Alliteration’s Stance) by poet Mohammed Al-Thubaiti in 2006 before it ceased publication. Aqeel co-founded Jidar Publishing House in Alexandria in late 2008, along with poet Khalaf Ali Al-Khalaf and writer Suzan Khawatmi. He actively participates in literary evenings and festivals in Saudi Arabia and abroad and is currently involved in editing the online newspaper Jidar.

Aqeel’s publications include:

“Two Poems for the Singer / Two Elegies that Deepen in My Blood” (Poetry) – Dar Al-Jadeed, Beirut, 1999.

“The Day of the Great Lord” (Poetry) – Dar Al-Hadatha, Beirut, 2005.

“The Jurisprudence of Chaos”: A critical study of the novel “Al-Firdaws Al-Yabab,” published in Cairo in 2005 and Beirut in 2006.

“Imaginary Biography” series including “Messiah,” “Spinoza,” and “Amadeus,” published between 2006 and 2009.

“He Undresses His Chaos” (Poetry) – Dar Al-Jamal, Beirut, 2008.

“The Age of the Reader”: An introduction to hermeneutics and critical applications to reception theory – Taw Publishing, London, 2009.

“The God of Destruction”: A psychological interpretation of “Terrorist 20” by Abdullah Thabit, published in London, 2009.

“The Stoic”: A novel published by Jidar Publishing House, Alexandria, 2010.

His works have received acclaim from critics. Lebanese critic Wafiq Ghreizi noted that his first poetry collection “embarks from the tangible earth to the celestial, unseen except by the eye of the soul and imagination.” Egyptian critic Jamal Saad Mohamed highlighted Aqeel’s focus on the distribution of black and white on paper in his second collection, adding depth to its meanings. Saudi critic Khuloud Al-Harithi remarked that his poetry collection “The Day of the Great Lord” presents a philosophical poetic experience that delves into the human psyche’s depths, foretelling and warning of possible futures.

Books Written by Hamed bin Aqeel