Hammour Ziada

Hammour Ziada

Hammour Ziada, a prominent Sudanese writer and journalist, was born in 1977 in Omdurman, Sudan. Early life in Khartoum shaped his perspectives, leading to a diverse career in civil society, journalism, and fiction writing. Ziada’s journalistic endeavors saw him contribute to several Sudanese newspapers like Al-Mustaqilla, Ajras al-Horriya, and Al-Jarida, where he was particularly noted for his role as the Chief Editor of the cultural section of Al-Akhbar newspaper.

Ziada’s journey in journalism was not without challenges. Bold writings, especially on child sexual abuse, sparked controversy and criticism from conservative and Islamic factions in Sudan. Despite facing intimidation, including an arson attack on his home in November 2009, Ziada’s commitment to addressing sensitive social issues remained unwavering.

Literary Recognition and Departure

In 2009, his journalistic work caught the attention of Sudanese journalist Amal Habani, who noted Ziada’s central role in several media events due to his controversial yet impactful writing style. Ziada’s literary prowess extends beyond journalism. He has penned several fiction works, including a short story collection titled “A Life Story from Omdurman” (2008), and novels like “Al-Kunj” (2010) and “Sleeping at the Foot of the Mountain” (2014). His second novel, “The Longing of the Dervish” (2014), not only won the prestigious Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature in 2014 but was also longlisted for the 2015 International Prize for Arabic Fiction.

Ziada’s departure from Sudan in late 2009 marked a new chapter in his life as he moved to Cairo, Egypt. There, he continued his literary journey, contributing to publications like Roz Al-Youssef and Al-Sabah newspapers.

Ziada’s works have been translated into multiple languages, including English and Persian. His novel “The Longing of the Dervish” was translated into English by Hoopoe in 2016, and “The Drowning” has been translated into French, showcasing his international appeal and the universal resonance of his themes. Literary achievements and courageous stance on social issues establish him as a significant voice in Sudanese and Arab literature.

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