Hezam bin Rashed

Hezam bin Rashed

Hezam bin Rashed, a Saudi writer and urban planner born in Jeddah, initially faced a lack of enthusiasm for his passion for reading and writing from those around him, except for his parents who provided him with financial support. Despite the initial challenges, he remained convinced of his pursuits, which ultimately helped him achieve his goal.

Renowned Saudi writer Ghazi Al-Gusaibi had a significant influence on him, to the extent that Hezam aspires to be like him one day. His literary journey began in 2013 when he collaborated with a newly established Kuwaiti publishing house called “Nova Plus.” He describes his first experience as filled with gaps but one that broke down the barrier between him and the audience.

Specializing in writing social and realistic novels, Hezam addresses bold and provocative issues in Arab and Gulf societies, particularly within his own community. He rejects trinomial names for his novels, consistently opting for binary names or single words.

Hezam bin Rashed believes that youth novels do not have to be superficial but should possess depth that captivates the reader without causing boredom. He states,

“While we loved old novels and learned from them, and we were attached to them, the old-fashioned and monotonous novel in presentation and slow event sequence all contribute to boredom for the current reader, even on an artistic level. Slow-paced TV series and events bore the audience.”

He has authored eight novels, including “Al-Hurrah Wal-Majara,” “Al-Hindas,” “Untha Al-Miraaj,” “Al-Tiflah Iman Parts 1/2,” “Al-Haribah Sarah,” “Al-Sheikha Rawan,” and “Sariqat Al-Azwaj,” with the controversial novel “Marwah” being particularly noteworthy.

His name gained prominence after writing the novel “Al-Sheikha Rawan,” which garnered fame among readers for addressing sensitive issues. This novel marked his true takeoff in the literary world.

The novel “Al-Sheikha Rawan” shed light on various social issues such as “Misyar marriage”, women’s guardianship over themselves, issues related to ISIS, human organ trafficking, youth recruitment for self-sacrifice, and the problems associated with social media and its hidden aspects.

His literary works have achieved significant sales at various international book fairs. Many of his novels have been adapted into TV series, such as “Al-Tiflah Iman.” Additionally, Hezam has conducted numerous writing workshops on creating enjoyable novels.

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