Huda al-Daghfaq

Huda Al-Daghfaq

Huda Abdullah al-Daghfaq, a distinguished Saudi poet and journalist, was born on October 24, 1967, in Riyadh. Immersed in a culturally nurturing environment, she developed a passion for writing early on, starting with a secret diary during her school years.

Huda al-Daghfaq completed her Bachelor’s in Arabic Language and Education at Riyadh University in 1990, laying the groundwork for her literary and journalistic pursuits. She embarked on her journalism career in 1983, making significant contributions in interviews, literary analysis, and critical reviews until 2012. Her writings appeared in esteemed newspapers like Al Jazirah and Al Riyadh, showcasing her diverse talents.

Her poetry journey, starting at age twelve, led to her first publication at sixteen. Huda al-Daghfaq’s poetry collections, such as “The Shadow Upwards” and “New Yearning,” echo themes of feminism and social issues. Her works, translated into multiple languages, have garnered international recognition.

Huda al-Daghfaq is an advocate for women’s rights, addressing cultural perceptions of Saudi women through her work. Her experiences reflect broader societal challenges and aspirations. She has been an active member of various literary and journalistic bodies, including the Riyadh Literary Club and the Saudi Association for Media and Communication.

As head of the Women’s Committee in the Riyadh Literary Club (2008-2011), she demonstrated her leadership and commitment to cultural issues. Al-Daghfaq’s influence extends to inspiring future Saudi writers and journalists. Her 2004 Best Cultural Activity award for poetry evenings in Riyadh is a testament to her impactful career.

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