Hussein Mohammed Bafaqih

Hussein Mohammed Bafaqih

Born in 1964 in Jeddah, Hussein Mohammed Alawi Bafaqih is a distinguished Saudi literary critic, media personality, and cultural historian. His career spans various notable roles, including editorship of “Um Al-Qura” newspaper and “Hajj and Umrah” magazine. In April 2013, he assumed the role of General Director of Literary Clubs in Saudi Arabia.

Academically, Bafaqih earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 1989. He pursued modern literary criticism, obtaining a Master’s degree from King Saud University in Riyadh in 2004.

Bafaqih’s Ministry of Culture and Information career included serving as editor-in-chief of cultural magazines like “Al-E’lam Wal-Ittisal” (2007-2010). He also led the Directorate of Literary Clubs from 2013 and was Editor-in-Chief of “Um Al-Qura” newspaper (2007-2013). He led “Hajj and Umrah” magazine (2003-2006).

Traversing Literary Themes and Criticism

Bafaqih’s literary works cover diverse themes. Notable publications include “The Literary Awards: Boundaries and Masks” (1999), “A Glance at Culture in Saudi Arabia” (2006), and “Taha Hussein and the Saudi Intellectuals” (2009). He edited “The Artistic Literature” (2013) and studied Abdullah Abdul Jabbar’s criticism in “Living in Writing” (2014).

Recent works like “Laughing Like Crying: The Poetics of Dream in Its Joys and Sorrows” (2015) and “Before Modern Literature: The Learned Elite in Hail” (2016) showcase his prolific output. His exploration into pilgrimage literature is seen in “Hearts from People: Chapters in the Literature and Culture of Hajj” (2018). Critical perspectives continue in “The Fragrance of Criticism” (2018) and “Crossed the River Twice: Readings in Autobiography” (2019).

Continued Exploration and Recent Works

Recent works include “The One Who Saw and Heard: Mohammed Naseef, A Page from the Cultural History of Jeddah” (2021) and “A Thousand Nothings Upon It: Formation of the First Literary Generation” (2022). “One Life is Not Enough: Literary Memories and Cultural Chapters on Reading and Books” (2023) concludes his recent endeavors.

In summary, Bafaqih’s journey through criticism and culture unfolds in varied roles and a rich body of work, showcasing his impact on Saudi literary landscapes.

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