Ibraheem Abbas

Ibraheem Abbas

Ibraheem Abbas, born in 1975 in Jeddah, is a Saudi director, writer, filmmaker, and novelist. He’s the youngest son of Hussein bin Mohammed Abbas, whose lineage traces back to the Al-Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib families in Abu Arish and Fursan. His mother is Fatima bint Ahmed Aqeeli.

Ibraheem Abbas embarked on his novel-writing journey in 2013, founding the Imaginators project with his partner Yasser Bahjat, publishing novels including “Hawjan” and “There” which topped bestseller lists in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries for several consecutive months.

His works received translations into many languages and acclaim from global platforms, journals, and websites. They’ve been studied academically.

His debut novel “Hawjan” was adapted into a film released in 2023, marking the first Saudi film to open the Red Sea International Film Festival. Yasser Alyaseri directed and co-produced it with MBC Studios, IMAGINATION, and Fox Studios, later screening it in Egypt. Preparation is underway for the production of his other novels and additional films he has written.

Ibraheem Abbas’s Vision and Impact with ‘Imaginators’ and Beyond

Ibraheem Abbas and his partner Yasser Bahjat’s motivation in founding “Imaginators” was to enrich Arab science fiction culture, fostering enthusiasm for scientific advancements and technological progress among youth, and inspiring them to create a rich scientific and cultural movement.

The venture began with the novel “Hawjan“, which became a bestseller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The vision of Imaginators extended beyond that, focusing on building bridges between Arab science fiction culture and other cultures. Since its inception, it has actively participated annually in major international science fiction conferences, including the World Science Fiction Convention.

Ibraheem Abbas graduated from King Abdulaziz University with a degree in Computer Engineering with distinction and honors. However, he pursued his creative passion, commencing his professional career in leading global marketing companies such as Procter & Gamble. He entered advertising, becoming one of the first Saudis in the role of Chief Creative Officer.

At Fox Group, he started his advertising career as a partner and Chief Creative Officer, leading creative campaigns.

During his marketing and advertising career, Ibraheem Abbas directed various national initiatives, such as identity and campaign creations.

Ibraheem Abbas is the Chief Creative Officer and founding partner of Visualizit, a company that launched the initiative for the movie “Bilal” and created the character of Abaliso.

Books Written by Ibraheem Abbas