Ibrahim Abdel Meguid

Ibrahim Abdel Meguid

Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, a prominent Egyptian novelist and writer, was born on December 2, 1946, in Alexandria. He is renowned for his profound literary contributions, particularly his acclaimed “Alexandria Trilogy,” which includes the novels “No One Sleeps in Alexandria,” “Birds of Amber,” and “Clouds Over Alexandria.” These works, renowned for their depth and narrative artistry, expanded his global recognition through translations into English and French.

Abdel Meguid’s journey in literature commenced after graduating from Alexandria University with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in 1973. Post-graduation, he relocated to Cairo in 1974, where he embarked on a career that intertwined literary creation and cultural engagement.

Abdel Meguid: A Literary Maestro with Global Recognition and Cultural Impact

His literary portfolio is extensive and diverse, featuring novels like “Al-Masafât” (Distant Train), “Bayt al-yasâmin” (The House of Jasmine), and “Al Balda al-ukhrâ” (The Other Place), which have also been translated into multiple languages, including English, French, and German. Abdel Meguid’s craftsmanship in storytelling has earned him several prestigious awards, including the inaugural Naguib Mahfouz Medal in 1996 for “The Other Place,” and recognition at the Cairo International Book Fair where “No One Sleeps in Alexandria” was celebrated as the novel of the year.

In addition to his novels, Abdel Meguid has written numerous other works, such as “Fi koulli ousbou yawmou joumoua” (Every Week Has a Friday) and “Adagio,” for which he was the inaugural co-winner of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel in 2015. His psychologically deep work, portraying Egypt’s social and political life, especially in Alexandria, resonates deeply with readers.

Abdel Meguid’s significant cultural contributions extend beyond writing; he has held several cultural positions in Egypt, including a five-year tenure as the editor-in-chief of the “New Writings” series. His works, including “In the Summer of ’67,” “The Night of Love and Blood,” “The Hunter and the Dove,” and “Small Scenes Around a Large Wall,” demonstrate a deep intellectual and artistic acumen, earning him high esteem in both local and international literary circles.

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