Ibrahim Al-Makrami

Ibrahim Al-Makrami

Ibrahim Al-Makrami, also known as Ibrahim bin Hussein Hatem Al-Makrami, is a Saudi novelist and historical researcher. He has authored three works to date: “Intellectual Ismailism,” and the novels “A Balcony on Nothingness” and “The Fall of Al-Bab Al-Ula.”

With nearly 14 years of experience in journalism, Ibrahim Al-Makrami is not only a prolific writer but also a member of the judging committee for the Sheikh Rashid Creativity Award in the United Arab Emirates. His selection for this role came through the organizing committee in 2020 during the second edition, and he is also a member of the Philosophical Association.

Ibrahim Al-Makrami is an avid reader, particularly interested in philosophy, anthropology, history, and contemporary literature explaining various phenomena in our lives. Initially hesitant towards reading novels, his perspective evolved over the years, leading him to venture into writing them.

In his book “Intellectual Ismailism,” Al-Makrami provides a unique perspective on the history of Ismailism, exploring its evolution over time, the intellectual and social transformations, and their impact on the course of history.

The novel “A Balcony on Nothingness” marks Ibrahim Al-Makrami’s debut in fiction, a philosophical exploration released in 2021. Despite its concise 80 pages, he emphasizes that literary value transcends page count.

His second novel, “The Fall of Al-Bab Al-Ula,” took over four years of preparation and crafting. Centered around two prisoners, one narrates the details of his life and the philosophical aspects of his relationship with his father.

Regarding his literary ambitions, Ibrahim Al-Makrami states:

“My ambition is not to be a forgotten half-name born out of coincidence in literature.”

When asked about his inclination towards writing, he reflects:

“I don’t know why I write or why we need writing, but I am convinced that we are windows to ideas. Ideas don’t penetrate and remain in our world unless conveyed by those who possess the gift of writing or expression through any form of art. Writing, by its nature, is for others. There is no value to any idea or letter if it’s not for others.”

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