Ibrahim Al-Sinan

Ibrahim Al-Sinan

Prominent Saudi writer Ibrahim Al-Sinan has greatly expanded the literary and cultural scene in Saudi Arabia and beyond. In diverse roles at Raff Publishing, Al-Sinan drove growth and innovation in publishing and media as a consultant and Head of Editorial.

Starting in internet forums, Al-Sinan evolved from a participant to a leading voice in prestigious online literary and cultural forums. Platforms like Al-Sakher, Jasad Al-Thaqafa, Shazaya Adabiya, and Jahat have played a key role in nurturing journalists, writers, and intellectuals.

Al-Sinan’s influence extends beyond the virtual world. Active in organizing cultural events and festivals, Ibrahim Al-Sinan has played a pivotal role in cultural associations and literary clubs. Al-Sinan wrote a weekly column for Okaz in 2013 and penned opinion articles for Al-Watan between 2004 and 2006

His first novel, “Barzakh: Between a Sweet Heart and a Salty Mind,” was published in 2007 by the Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing. editor-in-chief of Raqamat magazine launched the first issue of The New Philosopher magazine as its publishing director.

As the publishing director at Madarek (2016-2020), Al-Sinan launched the Mazoon translations line, featuring over fifty global literary masterpieces.

Al-Sinan’s notable achievements include:

Published his first literary work, “Barzakh: Between a Sweet Heart and a Salty Mind,” a novel by the Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing in Beirut, in 2007.

Releasing a collection of short stories titled “Five Sinful Minutes” by Al-Farabi in Beirut, 2009.

Writing the play “Blood Auction,” performed at the Janadriyah Festival in 2009.

Founding and serving as the editor-in-chief of the first issue of Raqamat magazine for Najran Literary Club, 2010.

Publishing numerous social, critical, and literary articles in Al-Madina newspaper’s Wednesday supplement.

Contributing articles to the opinion page of Al-Watan newspaper in 2004.

Writing a weekly column for Okaz newspaper titled “Ama Ba’ad” in 2013.

In the publishing field, Al-Sinan has held several key positions:

Publishing director at Madarek Publishing House from 2017 to 2020.

Publishing director at the “Ma’na” platform for publishing and distribution in 2019, and launching the first issue of The New Philosopher magazine.

Al-Sinan’s career is marked by a commitment to enriching the literary and cultural scene, bridging the gap between traditional and digital mediums, and fostering a space for diverse voices and narratives in Saudi literature.

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