Ibrahim Nasrallah

Ibrahim Nasrallah is a multifaceted Palestinian talent: a poet, novelist, educator, painter, and photographer. Born in the Wihdat Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, he attended UNRWA schools within the camp and earned his teaching certification from a local training college. After teaching in Saudi Arabia for a two-year stint, he transitioned into journalism, working in the field from 1978 to 1996. Subsequently, he returned to Jordan to work for various newspapers such as Dostur, Afaq, and Hasad. Currently, he oversees cultural programs at Darat-al-Funun in Amman.

An accomplished author, Nasrallah has a diverse bibliography that includes 14 poetry collections, 13 novels, and a pair of children’s books. Notably, his novel “The Time of White Horses” was a finalist for the International Booker Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2009. A member of the Sakakini General Assembly, Nasrallah chose to fully commit himself to his writing career in 2006.

Books Written by Ibrahim Nasrallah