Inaam Kachachi

An Iraqi novelist, journalist, and writer, she has been residing in France for decades, where she continues to work in journalism and translation. She studied journalism and media and worked in visual and audio media before moving to France in 1979 to earn her doctorate from Paris. She still lives there and serves as a correspondent for two Arabic-language newspapers.

In 2004, she produced a documentary about Nazeeha Al-Dulaimi, the first woman to hold a ministerial position in the Arab world. She has published several literary works, including: “Lorna, Her Years with Jawad Selim” (1998), “Paroles d’Irakiennes” (Words of Iraqi Women) (2003), “Suwaqi Al-Qulub” (2005), “The American Granddaughter” (2008) and “Tashari” (2013). She has been shortlisted twice for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (commonly known as the Arabic Booker) for her novels “The American Granddaughter” and Tashari.

Books Written by Inaam Kachachi