Ismail Fahd Ismail

Ismail Fahd Ismail

Ismail Fahd Ismail, born in 1940 in Basra, Iraq, is a distinguished literary figure with roots in Kuwait, where he has been a resident. Ismail received his education in both Kuwait and Iraq. His career spanned 11 years in the field of teaching in both countries. Additionally, he collaborated with radio in the areas of preparation and direction for three years. Ismail currently holds a position in Kuwait’s Ministry of Education, where he is responsible for audio recordings, encompassing both preparation and direction.

He is a member of the Story and Novel Association, reflecting his significant contribution to the literary world.

Ismail Fahd Ismail’s literary works are diverse and extensive, encompassing a range of genres from short stories to novels and plays, as well as academic studies. His bibliography includes:

“The Dark Spot” (Short Stories, Beirut, 1965)

“The Sky Was Blue” (Novel, Beirut, 1970)

“The Light Swamps” (Novel, Beirut, 1971)

“The Rope” (Novel, Beirut, 1972)

“The Other Banks” (Novel, Beirut, 1973)

“File of Incident 67” (Novel, Beirut, 1974)

“The Cages and the Common Language” (Short Stories, Beirut, 1974)

“Al-Sheiah” (Novel, Beirut, 1976)

“The Text” (Play, Beirut, 1980)

“The Arab Story in Kuwait” (Study, Beirut, 1980)

“The Act and Its Opposite in Sophocles’ Oedipus” (Study, Beirut, 1980)

“A Step in the Dream” (Novel, Beirut, 1980)

“The Birds and Friends” (Novel, Beirut, 1980)

“The Nile Flows North – The Beginnings, Part 1” (Novel, Beirut, 1981)

“The Verb in the Theater of Saadallah Wannous” (Study, Beirut, 1981)

“The Nile Flows North – The Watchmen, Part 2” (Novel, 1982)

“The Nile Flows North – The Taste and Smell, Part 3” (Novel, 1988)

Throughout his prolific career, Ismail Fahd Ismail has significantly contributed to the Arab literary landscape, showcasing his talents across various forms of writing and establishing himself as a prominent and respected author and scholar in the field.

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