Jalal Barjas

Jalal Barjas

The writer Jalal Barjas Al-Ghulayat was born on June 3, 1970, in the village of Haneenah in the Madaba Governorate. He is a Jordanian poet and novelist, awarded the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (The Booker) in 2021 for his novel “The Bookseller’s Notebooks.”

Jalal Barjas graduated from schools in the Madaba Governorate before pursuing studies in military aviation engineering. He then served in the Royal Jordanian Air Force until 2007. Following this, he transitioned to journalism in Jordan, initially as an editor for Al Anbat newspaper, later becoming a correspondent for Al Dustour newspaper. Additionally, he served as a member of the editorial board for several cultural magazines. Throughout his career, he worked with various civil aviation companies until he was appointed at the Jordanian Center for Design and Development.

Jalal Barjas began publishing his literary works in the late 1990s in Jordanian and Arab cultural journals and supplements. He also held positions in the administrative bodies of the Jordanian Writers Association, the General Assembly of the Arab Writers Union, the Internet Writers Union, and the World Poets Movement. He currently serves as the head of the Jordanian Narratives Laboratory, the editor-in-chief of Voice of the Generation magazine, and previously served as the secretary of the Madaba branch of the Jordanian Writers Association and as the former president of several literary forums, such as the Madaba Cultural Forum and the Madaba Children’s Cultural Forum, both of which he co-founded with other writers and cultural activists, leading them for two consecutive terms.

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