Jubair Al-Malihan

Jubair Al-Malihan

Jubair Al-Malihan, a renowned Saudi writer and storyteller, was born in 1950 in Hail. His work as a pioneer in short story writing has deeply impacted Arabic literature. His roles at the Eastern Province Literary Club and founding the “Arabic Story Network” in 2000 showcase his contributions. Among Al-Malihan’s acclaimed works are “The Face Made of Water” and “Sons of Al-Adham.” His literary prowess brought him the Abha Prize in 2011 and the Ministry of Culture and Media’s Book Award in 2017.

Inspired by his family, Al-Malihan’s storytelling journey began in middle school. His initial story, broadcast on Riyadh radio, spurred his writing career. In 1970, he began submitting stories to Al-Yamamah magazine. Despite early setbacks, his high school stories appeared in the Al-Yawm newspaper.

Jubair Al-Malihan writings, influenced by Arab writers and the modern short story movement, mix nationalism with pan-Arab themes. Raised in Qasr Al-Asharwat, Hail, and later relocating to Dammam, his early pieces like “The Child Wants It: White” from 1973, affirmed his status as a prolific writer.

In addition to writing, Al-Malihan excelled in education and journalism. He held diverse roles: head of the Literary Club, educator, school principal, and Al-Yawm’s editor-in-chief. In 2000, he launched the “Arabic Story Site,” later known as the “Arabic Story Network,” emphasizing his dedication to Arab storytelling.

Jubair Al-Malihan’s array of publications spans from children’s literature, like “The Gift” (2004), to novels such as “Sons of Al-Adham” (2016). His recent works include “Human Swings” (2022) and “The Boy’s Biography” (2022). His active participation in literary circles and numerous accolades affirm his significant role in the Saudi and broader Arab literary landscape.

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