Khaled Al-Samiti

Khaled Al-Samiti, a Saudi Arabian author. Was born on March 5, 1981. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hebrew Translation from King Saud University in Riyadh and a Master’s degree in Information Systems from DePaul University in Chicago, USA. Al-Samiti is a recognized figure in the Arabic literary scene. Particularly known for his storytelling and translation skills.

His literary prowess was acknowledged early in his career. As he won the first prize in storytelling at the 10th Arab Youth Festival in Khartoum in 2005. Another first prize in a storytelling competition by the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Ahsa in the same year. Al-Samiti’s writing style is unique, blending humor with a deep understanding of human emotions and societal dynamics.

Before his foray into writing, Al-Samiti was passionate about drawing, contributing caricatures to the university’s newsletter and then to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper. Eventually, his creative journey led him to writing, where he penned weekly articles for various newspapers and participated in numerous Arab festivals and storytelling evenings.

In 2006, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in translation, after which he began compiling his writings into a book titled “A Likely Possibility.” This collection of short stories was published shortly after his arrival in Chicago. In 2013, he released an e-book named “Name and Destiny,” featuring Arabic texts and their Spanish translations. The same year, “A Likely Possibility” was translated into Spanish and published on Amazon.

Furthermore, Khaled Al-Samiti’s time in Chicago from August 2007 to July 2011 was transformative, providing him with a new kind of peace of mind, which he felt he lost upon his return. He often finds himself comparing the realities of his exhausting daily life with the memories of his more peaceful past.

Besides writing, Al-Samiti enjoys bowling, billiards, and making people laugh. He writes comedy and general scripts, contributing to brainstorming sessions that often turn into TV shows or YouTube series. In his professional life, he works in the private sector, focusing on management, analysis, problem-solving, development, and business continuity. Frequently, he finds himself revisiting his academic learnings to bridge gaps and ensure project success in a service-oriented rather than profit-driven environment.

Khaled Al-Samiti sees himself as fortunate, believing good opportunities often come his way. He strategically includes moments of optimism in his schedule for mental well-being. He doesn’t believe in coincidences but feels lucky to encounter good opportunities frequently.

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