Laila Abdullah

Laila Abdullah

Laila Abdullah, also known as Laila Al Balushi, born in 1982, is an esteemed Omani writer, poet, and critic. She has made significant contributions to contemporary Arabic literature. Her literary journey began to gain notable recognition in 2014 with the publication of two influential works: “Imagined Love Letters between Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin” and “Obsessions of the World’s Room.” The latter won the Best Publication in Articles award in Muscat in 2015, underscoring her prowess in the literary domain.

In 2016, Laila Abdullah further established her mark with the short story collection “My Narrative Beings,” which was honored as the Best Short Story Book in Muscat that year. This collection exemplified her talent in weaving intricate narratives that resonate with readers. Her unique ability to capture and express complex human emotions and experiences is evident in her works.

Laila Abdullah’s exploration of the literary world continued with the release of “Armchair, Book, and a Cup of Coffee” in 2018, a book that compiled her reading impressions and reflected her new literary approach. This work offered readers a deeper insight into her thoughts and perspectives on various literary pieces.

Demonstrating versatility, Al Balushi also ventured into children’s literature, contributing significantly to the genre. Her debut novel, “Farahou’s Notebooks” (2018), delved into the tragedies faced by African refugees, showcasing her ability to address poignant and contemporary issues through her writing.

Her poetic works have gained international recognition, with translations into multiple languages, including Polish and Spanish. This global reach highlights the universal appeal and relevance of her themes and narratives.

Al Balushi’s literary achievements include several notable publications:

“Imagined Love Letters between Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin” (2014), Arab Diffusion Company, 359 pages.

“Obsessions of the World’s Room: Articles” (2014), Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, Beirut, 399 pages.

“My Narrative Beings: Short Stories” (2016), Ninawa House for Studies, Publishing, and Distribution, Damascus, 126 pages.

“Armchair, Book, and a Cup of Coffee” (2018), Maddad Publishing and Distribution, Dubai, 263 pages.

“Farahou’s Notebooks: A Novel” (2018), Al Mutawassit Publications, 244 pages.

“Silence as Absurd: Stories” (2008), Nile River Publishing Center, Zagazig, Egypt, 151 pages.

“Children’s Literature in the United Arab Emirates” (2007), co-authored with Aisha bint Hamoud Al Shihhi and Munira bint Abdullah Al Balushi, Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Sharjah, 264 pages.

“Her Ninth Heart- Very Short Stories” (2014), Platinum Book, 101 pages.

Her contributions to literature have been duly recognized with awards. Including the Best Publication in Articles in Muscat in 2015 for “Obsessions of the World’s Room” and the Best Short Story Book in Muscat in 2016 for “My Narrative Beings.” Laila Al Balushi’s literary works stand as a testament to her skill, creativity, and profound understanding of human experiences. Making her a prominent figure in the Arab literary world.

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