Laila Al-Juhani

Laila al-Juhani

Celebrated Saudi novelist Laila al-Juhani, born in 1969 in Tubuq, has greatly impacted Arabic literature. Her academic journey began at King Abdul Aziz University in Medina, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Her pursuit of education didn’t stop there; she further obtained an MA in Foreign Languages and a PhD in Education/Psychology from the University of Tiba in Medina.

Al-Juhani’s literary prowess is evident in her short stories and novels. Her first novel, ‘Da’iman sayabqa al-hubb’ (Always Love Will Remain), published in the early 1990s, marked the beginning of her illustrious writing career. She has since written several other notable works, including ‘The Barren Paradise’ (1998), ‘Jahiliyya’ (Ignorance, 2007), and ’40 Fi Ma’ani Ina Akbar’ (2009). Her work gained international recognition with excerpts appearing in Banipal magazine’s English translations and a full Italian translation of ‘The Barren Paradise’ in 2007.

Laila al-Juhani masterfully integrates intricate details into her stories, demonstrating a deep understanding of women and human nature. Her stories, often contemporary, explore women’s experiences through a blend of narrative and poetic styles.

Her literary contributions have been acknowledged through various accolades, including several literary prizes in Saudi Arabia. Besides local newspaper publications, al-Juhani has researched and written about Medina’s history. Her novel ‘Always Love Will Remain’ earned the second place in the Abha Cultural Award in 1995, and ‘The Barren Paradise’ won the first prize in the Sharjah Award.

Al-Juhani’s writing, infused with her background in English, education, and instructional methods, reflects a broad perspective on English literature and a meticulous attention to detail. Her novels ‘Jahiliyya’ and ’40 Fi Ma’ani Ina Akbar’, along with her research work on second-generation e-learning techniques, further showcase her diverse interests and expertise. Al-Juhani’s works, distinct in the Saudi literary scene, offer deep insights into women and the human condition.

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